Reaching New Highs With Cannabis: How Pot Has Evolved Into A Modern Medicinal Miracle

It wasn’t too long ago that smoking pot was looked down upon by parents, society and the law. But these days, modern medicine is promoting major benefits to marijuana use, based on many factual studies that all seem to produce the same results: Success.

In fact, cannabis is now legal for medicinal purposes in more than half of all states, with well over one million prescribed patients.

With good reason, marijuana has created quite a “buzz” and it’s likely in your best interest to know more about it.

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How Marijuana Is Taken:

1. It’s smoked.
2. Vaporized, so that the active elements are released, but no smoking is involved.
3. Consumed as a liquid.
4. Consumed in food, such as brownies.

The Possible Side Effects Of Cannabis Use:

1. Becoming sleepy.
2. Slight dizziness.
3. Lapses in short-term memory.
4. A euphoric feeling.
5. Anxiety.

General Restrictions For Use:

1. It may not be recommended for use by pregnant women.
2. It should not be used by someone with a heart problem (as it increases heart rate).
3. Anyone suffering from a serious psychological disorder should refrain from use, unless otherwise prescribed by their doctor.

The Real And Positive Health Benefits Of Marijuana

While recreational use is a matter of personal preference, medical science has discovered many practical and effective uses for marijuana.

Helping Those With Arthritis

Numerous studies have demonstrated the positive effect marijuana has on the inflammation associated with arthritis that causes the unbearable pain. People are more comfortable and also tend to get a better night’s sleep with cannabis use.

Making Strides Against Cancer

Research conducted on animals show that certain elements of marijuana actually destroy the cells of some types of cancer; additionally, it can increase the positive effects of radiation on cancer cells. Aside from these direct benefits, indirectly it can help a patient to deal with the nausea that comes with chemo.

Beating Chronic Pain

Cannabis has an analgesic quality to it, making it a very practical remedy for all kinds of chronic pain. In fact, it can reduce the pain people experience by as much as 30 percent, which can put the pain in a much more bearable range.

Living With AIDS

AIDS can be an all-encompassing disease to live with, making every part of life difficult to manage. However, patients using marijuana tend to have healthier diets, sleeping habits and outlooks. In other cases, where AIDS-related complications bring severe pain to patients, cannabis lowers their pain levels by significant amounts.

Slowing The Progression Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Although you might be inclined to think smoking pot invites challenges for brain cells, medical science has found otherwise: Potentially harmful deposits of protein in the brain are slowed with marijuana use in people with Alzheimer’s. Also, like AIDS patients, Alzheimer’s victims eat and sleep better and report improved moods.

Easing The Discomfort Of Digestive Disorders

Millions of people suffer with Crohn’s and other digestive conditions, but those who employ cannabis as a remedy tend to suffer less, reporting reductions in pain as well as improved digestive function.

Controlling Seizure Activity

In one study conducted by NYU, incidents of seizures were cut in half following the introduction of medicinal cannabis. Those are very promising statistics for people whose lives are completely disrupted by seizure activity.

And More…

Medical researchers are investigating the possibilities for medical marijuana on many conditions and it’s already widely accepted for use on glaucoma patients, those with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Lupus and obesity.

A Few Odd And Interesting Related Facts: Hemp is Love!

A single genetic alteration to cannabis (the kind with the psycho active mind-altering properties that get you “high”) separates it from industrial hemp (the kind for making rope, paper, plastic, oil and other items that are not for medicinal or recreational use).

Way back in 1619, hemp growing was an actual mandate for farmers in America. It was turned into apparel, rope and other valuable and necessary materials.

If you’re thinking of starting a business to earn quick cash, cannabis plants usually thrive in any conditions and grow quickly (About two inches every day). Check with your local officials for licensing and other pertinent information regarding legal growing.

California was the first state to accept the legal use of medical marijuana in 1996, but only for those with valid doctor’s orders.

The use of marijuana was taxed so outrageously by the government in 1937 that people couldn’t actually afford it for recreational or medicinal use; it wasn’t actually outlawed as a substance.

It is estimated that nearly four percent of the world’s population enjoys cannabis on a regular basis and not necessarily for medical reasons. In the U.S. alone, users spend more than 10 billion dollars a year for it.

As with anything, if you over do it or otherwise abuse cannabis, your life could quickly become unmanageable. However, for legitimate purposes, its use is growing rapidly, with mostly positive results. There are, after all, negative side-effects to just about any activity or substance taken to the extreme. Generally, though, people who partake of cannabis do so without major incidents. In fact, when it’s used appropriately and obtained through trustworthy sources, it’s somewhat of a medical miracle.