Plenty of people still to this day still mistake hemp for marijuana. Hemp and marihuana may both be Cannabis Sativa L, but there is a tiny little difference. The level of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive substance, is far from the same. That level is higher in marijuana (3% by weight) than in its sibling (below 3%). The most significant dissimilarity is in the use. You already know what kind of usage marihuana provides, and when it comes to the latter, the story is way different. This strain of cannabis has uses in so many different areas, and the list of products acquired from it is exponential. These include food, paper, clothing, bags, belts, stuff for pets, shoes, various building materials, etc.

In these last several years, people are wising up about many of the products they buy. From the foods to the clothing, many contain harmful substances, which are helping to destroy the planet along with us. It is evident that organic products are becoming more and more popular every day because they are the healthier and smarter choice. Houses are more frequently being built with green materials as well, and people are recycling products more often. That is why hemp is so fascinating. First of all, as a plant it is renewable, which makes it eco-friendly. In places such as Canada and all over Europe, the benefits of this ancient plant have become quite apparent. That is why those countries have permitted their farmers to grow this noble weed, although, officials regularly check the THC level. Those farmers must respect the law and regulations, and the seeds they sow and grow must be low in THC.

Uses And Benefits of 100% Hemp

China is the head honcho when it comes to the production and growth of this resource. The difference between China and the European countries, for example, is in the fact that China likes using chemicals when processing in most cases. In Europe, they prefer to use cleaner technology. Techniques used in China and Europe may not produce fabrics that are as soft and white as cotton. That is why you may find many clothing products, and bags made from a mixture of cotton and hemp. However, cotton devours significantly more resources. The other combination that is very popular as well is hemp and silk. But altogether more importantly, the quality of the textiles, for example, blankets, towels, sheets, belts or bags made from hempen materials are of the highest possible grade. Once you purchase some of these items, you will notice the softness and warmth, and you will be more than delighted with the attributes. After that, the hempen products will become your favorite and that’s a fact!

To become eco-friendly, you don’t have to be rich. There is an abundance of little things you can do, such as acquiring things made of cannabis. The advantages are amazing. I already mentioned, as a fast growing plant, it is a renewable resource, which is imperative. It can be renewed multiple times per year, usually two or three times, which is incredible. Clothes, blankets, and sheets made from these fibers are strong, lightweight and long-lasting. For example, if you buy a jacket made from them, you will be delighted with the fact that it will be fungus and UV resistant. Garments made from this plant are, therefore, exceptional for outdoor wear. If you like cotton or silk, you can find many products that are a hemp-blend.

Benefits are evident in a couple of different ways, whether economic or ecological. The fact is that this plant is easily propagated without any toxic chemicals, making this highly significant. We have come to thrive on a polluted planet where so many things are threatening to our health and wellbeing. We have to give our best to protect ourselves, our kids, and the world where we live. Because of all those reasons, this unpretentious plant is a shining star that represents something bright and useful, a humble plant that can change our lives for the better! When you see the products crafted from it, you will be pleasantly surprised. They look lovely, feel comfy and soft, and that is just the textiles. In many sections of the world, people are becoming more and more consumed with the use of this substance.

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