Hemp bears a seed that is high in protein and contains all of the nine amino acids that are essential to the body. Additionally, they also hold unusual amounts of fiber, trace minerals, fatty acids, vitamin E and D just to name a few. Hemp has been proven to contain the most well-balanced ratio of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids of any plant. Although, its ratio may not be exactly on the money. However, hemp’s ratio is 3.38:1 whereas ideal is considered to be 4:1. So, to increase your level of omega whenever it is off, hemp is the perfect addition that can considerably assist you in commencing the correction process. It offers the body an appropriate and suitable balance to start leveling out the omega imbalance.

The protein content rendered is easily digestible. It has been documented by a significant number of people from their personal experiences that it does not bring about bloating or cause gas like the other alternative sources of protein like soy or whey. Hemp is the favorite for so many reasons. One of which, is it does not contain any phytic acid like soy, which has relatively large amounts of it, which, consequently prevents the human body from absorbing various minerals. This alone puts hempseed many steps ahead of the rest.

Hemp As A Diet Food


Listed here is a condensed list of its varied forms:

1. Whole seeds
That is the style in which the seed remains in its shell and oftentimes is sterilized, but, may also be toasted or roasted. In the raw form, they can be cold-pressed to extract the oil. After having removed the fat, they can then be ground into flour. Also, the shells can get removed in order to render the meat or flesh of the seed also referred to as seed-hearts. This plant is unusually rare amongst the various plant species because its tasty seed is one of the only that contains the gamma linoleic acid.

2. Hulled hemp seed
Seeds of this style are prepared and used as a snack food or oftentimes mixed in with other foods. The hulled form is a very crucial, and indispensable element that is essential for many baked items, protein bars, sauces, granolas as well as numerous other goods. These little hearts are so versatile they can transform into products such as milk, margarine, cheese and much more. Hempseed is also suitable for feeding to your pets and even farm animals.

3. Hempseed oil
This humble plant is known to produce an exceptional seed that bears more than 35 percent of its total weight as oil. These kernels are also very high in essential fatty acids. The nutrient dense oil that is cold pressed appears light green in color and has a distinctive flavor referred to as nutty. Cold-pressed hempseed is an indispensable supplement that is crucial for superior nourishment.

4. Processed hemp-oil
This refined oil most frequently comprises products where the nutritional qualities are not necessary such as in skin care, detergents, lubricants, and shampoos. That is an excellent application for the grease that has had the nutrients extracted. Because, it is still rich in the essential fatty acids that are so incredible for our skin and also, because, it still contains its antimicrobial properties.

5. Industrial hemp-oil
In many cases, the oil utilized for industrial applications is used without any refining whatsoever. After extracting the oil and filtering it to remove particles, its applications are boundless. It is a natural fuel which can power diesel engines without any further refining. Fuel oil-lamps, lubricate machinery, act as a base for grease paints, be used in varnish, sealants, and plastics. This super lubricant is exceptional for preserving leather goods such as saddles or boots. Often, it is employed in the same manner as the processed oil for soaps and lotions. This raw oil was also once popularly used in the preservation of horse’s hooves to inhibit cracking.

6. Hempseed flour
The flour (meal) is the surviving component after crushing the seeds to obtain their fat. However, this meal still has many purposes, these remains still contain up to about 25 percent protein and up to 45 percent fiber. Therefore, this heavy meal is a very suitable constituent to add to your diet. It is very nutritious and a splendid accessory to add to your food making arsenal. There are even people who use this ingredient in the brewing of beer.

Hemp Oil & Foods with Augustine & Wirtshafter


The most fundamental element of the hemp seed and its composition is that it is a glorious source of protein and EFAs. Proteins are essential for building and maintaining all of the muscles in the body. In addition, it also provides the body with the essential fatty acids in which it cannot synthesize for itself. Furthermore, it contains all the required amino acids, which increase its solubility performance for quicker and more efficient absorption. That suggests the likelihood becomes greater that the body will readily absorb the protein into the muscles that are in need. The hempseed contains the highest quality plant forged protein currently known to man.

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