When people hear the word hemp, a lot of times their first thought is usually about marijuana, which should not be the case. Even though both of these plants are cannabis, there are some pretty drastic differences, and the main one that everyone likes to talk about is in the level of THC or the psychoactive substance. That level is significantly higher in marijuana. The use of hemp is, however, not the same, not at all. For one you don’t want to smoke hemp, but it does make an excellent food, so eating it is something you should do. The main purpose of these plants is for the production of many things. One of the things you should first learn about is that it is a highly renewable resource. Farmers can reap several times every year. That is just one reason this plant is so special, especially for those interested in environmentally friendly activities. For some people, the story about global warming may be boring, or a farce and others are not interested even in the slightest. However, being eco-friendly is not just a story about global warming; it is much more than that. Yes, our planet is changing as it always does. But thanks to many of our actions, our lives are in danger too. If you are using your money to buy products that are chocked full of toxins and other harmful ingredients. You are jeopardizing your health, as well as that of the people who are using these toxic items. Being eco-friendly just means that you pay attention to the things you will use and purchase and try to avoid as many of the bad ones as possible. You also likely take steps to use less and reuse more.

The thing is, every person must do their best to improve the quality of everyone’s life. Lately, people tend just to throw everything away, even though they could recycle, or use it again or even just repair it. For all those reasons, hemp has essentially always been a very powerful resource, not only because it is renewable, and it does not contain the harmful toxins. That resource, is very cost effective to produce, and does not require gigantic amounts of water or chemicals to grow efficiently. If you look at just this list of great things, you could also be surprised when you learn what and how much stuff can be constructed out of it. You can buy clothes, plastics, foods, fuel and a great many other things. Since the uses and popularity of this show stopper of a plant are steadily increasing, the fact that it is used as a building material should not be so surprising or shocking.

Sustain & Build

One of its construction materials looks somewhat similar to concrete, but there is quite a big difference. This product can actually, significantly lower our carbon footprint instead of adding a crippling blow like concrete. Usually, it is mixed with materials, such as a lime based binder and water. The material obtained from this process is very strong and durable. You may know it by the name Hempcrete. The benefits of using this material are vast. One of the best characteristics of hemp products is that they are very durable and reliable. If you think that using this material may give you a lower quality structure, you are wrong, because the results have already proven the opposite. This material is very breathable as well. If you want to build your home with this particular material, you will be jubilant to hear that it does help keep your air far cleaner. You will notice the difference as soon as you step into the building.

Additionally, this material is resistant to molding, mildew and rotting. These things are imperative for anyone who has to cope with an allergy, asthma, or any other breathing disorder. In those cases, clear air is everything, and if you are using hemp as your building material, you will for sure have very clean air. Another benefit of using hempcrete is that the density is very low. In turn, this means that you can add this substance to an already existing building, and it will not cause any drastic changes in the structures weight. One important thing to mention about using this material is that it has to be combined with some other materials, such as wood to create a frame to support the structure adequately. In addition to fresher air and to be lightweight, it just so happens to be an excellent insulator. When using this as the walls for your home or building, there is no need to leave hollow gaps that need filled with insulation. Hempcrete with provide you with consistent temperatures that will save you cashola on your heating and cooling expenses. Additionally the interior walls won’t need to be framed up and sheetrocked over either as you can apply plaster directly onto the walls. Another beautiful thing about this multifunctional plant is that the fibers from the stalk can also be used to create a wonderful insulation. That you can use in attics or even the walls of traditional structures, and they even make an incredibly durable fiberboard that can replace wooden board. And all without giving up it’s redeeming qualities.

Building with Hemp!

As you may have noticed, hemp without a doubt is a superior choice. If you want to have a house with a clear air and proper insulation, this material is a fantastic solution. Most importantly, you can feel good about being eco-friendly, and these days, that truly is a big thing. Using any of these materials in your daily life comes with serious bragging rights whether you eat it, wear it or build with it. We all need to get the word out there and be proactive. With some simple changes, we can all be able to do great things. Hemp will be more and more popular in the future, because people are opening their eyes and realizing how great it truly is. It is an ideal and very robust plant that can provide so many good things, which is why it deserves our full attention.