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Cannabis has gotten plenty of headlines in this day and age for its widespread legalization for recreational and medical use. However, many people forget about the many other benefits of hemp as food, clothing, fuel, plastic, paper, concrete, oil, wood, and the list goes on. Our company promotes plenty of food items, apparel products and accessories, body care, and as many other hemp derived goods as we can find. We believe in Hemp and Cannabis as a whole, and the results they have to provide in benefiting people’s lives.


We strive to have the widest array of products created entirely from, or in part, from hemp. Because of this, we have listed a number of hemp’s benefits below, broken down into how it will be excellent for you to eat or to wear on your body. If you are considering jumping into the fray and learning more about hemp and its derivatives, allow us to provide you a stepping stone in the right direction.

Review these points below, so you can learn more about hemp and then click around on this website and witness the selection of hemp products we can provide for you.


Hemp For Eating:

#1: Hemp Provides Us With A Wonderful Brain Food The smartest reason that you should add hemp food to your diet is that it is excellent for your brain. Your brain controls so much of your mental health and bodily functions, so you need to provide it consistently with the building blocks required to take your health to the next level. Hemp is excellent for your brain for a lot of reasons. For one, it is packed with omega-3 fatty acids (highest quantities in the plant kingdom and comparable to salmon), which boost your mental health and your mental capability. Studies show that omega-3 fatty acids are linked to curing and preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Internalizing cannabis could also allow you to enjoy relief from mental issues such as depression. By combining hemp with your daily diet, you can have greater control over your mood and mental clarity.

#2: Hemp Is Heart Healthy In addition to the brain, hemp is also splendid for your heart. Consuming it will allow you to increase your blood circulation and boost the creation of good cholesterol in your body. That will help you to build a healthier and stronger heart so you can get the most out of your life and your health as a whole. You will be able to provide yourself with a powerful and healthful heart while doing away with the potential for developing heart disease and keeping things like heart attacks at bay. This increase in blood circulation will benefit your entire life as well, as blood flow is necessary for all other bodily functions. By ingesting hemp on a consistent basis and incorporating it as part of your daily diet, you will have a tremendous leg up on your hearts health.

#3: Hemp Is High In Fiber Another reason to eat hemp is that it is high in fiber. We as humans require a certain amount of fiber every day in order to keep us healthy. This is excellent if you have weight loss goals as well because fiber will allow you to regulate your metabolism and sculpt your body the way that you see fit. Hemp is packed with plenty of fiber which will be beneficial to your diet and let you get more servings without having to eat as much overall. You will see tremendous results due to this whenever you decide to incorporate hemp into your daily diet.


Hemp For Wearing:

#1: Hemp Clothing Is As Green As It Gets When you’re making the choice to purchase hemp clothing, you are making an incredibly Green Eco-Friendly decision. The reason for this is that cannabis grows easily from the ground with less water and does not need to be subjected to the harsh fertilizers and pesticides, or poisonous bleaching chemicals that other types of clothing materials (think cotton) require. Growing hemp is actually good for the soil. Hemp is an incredibly renewable resource that allows you to be a good steward of the planet and protect it while still getting exquisitely stylish clothing. We have an assortment of textile products that you will be able to bring home any time that you decide to do business with us. Browse around this site to find some of the hempest clothing on the planet.

#2: Hemp Clothing Is Tough And Long Lasting You will also be glad that you chose to purchase hemp clothing because it is far more durable than cotton and most other types of textile materials. When you buy hemp clothes, you can rely on it lasting for the long haul, despite constant wear and tear, machine washing and drying. You will get far more use out of your outfits and will not have to replace your wardrobe as frequently. That favorite pair of jeans could last twice as long. And another impressive thing is the fabric has naturally occurring anti-microbial properties which prevent molding and can help keep these items smelling fresh for longer. Hemp could literally make your dollars (even your credit cards) and enable them to go further, which is a pretty cool concept.

#3: Hemp Textile Creation Does Not Require the Use of Harsh Chemicals Hemp clothing is not crafted using the same harsh chemicals and dyes that other types of clothing are. Because of this, you will not have to contend with some of the allergic reactions, skin conditions and other problems that sometimes come with the territory of buying new clothes. Hempen garments will be soft and gentle on your skin so that you can wear it as much as you need to without having to worry about any of these adverse effects.


Shop With The Hemp Monger!

So, being presented with even just this little bit of information, you can easily see why hemp is an excellent choice. If you would like to acquire some of these goods, Hemp Monger is the finest around. We are in the business of providing people with some of the most excellent hemp-based foods, clothing, pet products, health and beauty supplies and anything else we can find made with hemp. We have made it our purpose to provide you with as many choices for hemp merchandises as possible.

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We are strong advocates for hemp and hemp awareness and hope to serve you today and every day with all of your hempen needs.

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